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@ Pelham:There is nothing in there of the 50+ trillion in unfunded mandates to Social Security & Medicare.

That's because they don't actually are in the deficit. You are confusing different things. Also, social security is not bankrupt. It is slightly underfunded.

You also don't point out how much revenue was generated by the BUSH & now OBAMA Tax Cuts.

None. Deficit has boomed ever since they've been enacted. But since you believe that they're also Obama's tax cuts, do you think that was a good thing of Obama to do?

The most consecutive months of job growth, for any President, took place under Geroge W. Bush.

Too bad they were all wiped out before he left office. This statement is similar to the statement that Bush's kept the US safe from terror attacks. After 9/11 perhaps.

Ironic indeed seeing as he was a lousy financial manager...

Indeed. He came in with a surplus and left with a massive deficit. Under his watch unemployment doubled. And the economy collapsed.
however the graph made with 'no factual basis' doesn't make your point.

I am not sure I understand this phrase. The graphs was made by smart economists, and it does make my point.

With tax cuts come jobs and with jobs greater revenues.

Not necessarily.

Kennedy & Reagan understood this.

Reagan was the guy who lowered taxes and then increased taxes not once, but twice, right?

From Wiki:
"Reagan followed his 1981 tax cut with two large tax increases."

How about doing a graph of what the US economy would have done coming out the the Recession Bush inherited from Clinton and the 9/11 attacks.

9/11 happened under Bush, not Clinton. Clinton left Bush with a surplus and low unemployment. Bush left Obama a massive deficit and double the unemployment.

Democratic presidents do better than republicans in terms of economy.

Also like to point out that both Democrats and Republicans voted for those tax cuts and keep them going with Obama's signature.

Oh, so the bad results from those tax cuts that you deny are not also Obama's fault? Or, are the good results that came from those tax cuts now also Obama's credit? Difficult choice.

I also seem to remember that Obama only signed the extension of those tax cuts after significant blackmail by republicans. But that is besides the point. Either you give him credit for extending the cuts, because Bush was right. Or you stop bitching about them, and give Obama some credit.

Finally, please don't call me a partisan hack. I can't vote in this country which allows me to look at this from a larger perspective.

And oboe is right:
You've given us an excellent example of 'epistemic closure' at work.
The real budget-killer is the growth of Medicare. Of course, it's not Medicare that's the killer,

In fact, the killer is Medicare Part D, enacted without funding by Bush and the republicans.

by Jasper on Sep 11, 2011 9:54 am • linkreport

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