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@7r3y3r: So nothing can be developed on that corner because you enjoy looking at a historic school?

Never said that either.

But I have to ask, do you go to this location much? Because looking around is key to understanding where I am coming from.

Next to this school is a run down but probably historic housing project, a tattered commercial strip with some boarded-up properties, the historic and protected golf course, and the ginormous and almost always empty RFK parking lot. The latte-sipping urban twits are full-on behind the streetcars as a part of tony gentrification of H St, which needs this maintenance barn. They want to build it on the only nice part of the street.

Politically, consider the symbolism of the sophisticated urban elite riding roughshod over what has been the lone worthy commitment from the city to this working-class neighborhood. All this so people will not need to drive or take a bus to the nightclubs on H St.

As a simple land-use exercise, consider the completely empty parking lot across the street. Everyone -- but everyone -- that knows this area suggests that this would a better place to put it. The only problem is that it will require the mayor to call in a favor from EHN to get this through Congress. Note that this has been done for the Metro (which also runs over this parking lot), so why not for a similar public transportation infrastructure? This suggests that the mayor really isn't behind this, which is not surprising considering that his base is mostly working-class whom do not see the need for streetcars.

Then there is the "educational component" for this barn. This is such jive that DDOT is no longer using this argument. Note that this area was originally intended for education (they built a school there), and is zoned residential. This should remain the purpose of this site. I, and I expect the other neighbors would fully accept an expansion of Spingarn or another school here. But not a streetcar shed!

I am in favor of streetcars, but many working class, long term residents see them as a waste of money. Building this barn here is a mistake.

by goldfish on Nov 8, 2012 10:27 am • linkreport

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