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@renegade09: "Pretty clear what is going to happen here. Cyclists will just keep on riding through the tunnel on the narrowed trail."

Don't be so sure of this.
The walking path through the tunnel crosses the north side track at the midpoint where the Metro elevator mezzanine is, then uses the center platform. The tight turn and track crossing will almost force a dismount, even if no pedestrians are present.
But more to the point, there will almost always be many pedestrians present, either using the sidewalk or waiting on the platform. You know how congested the CCT can be at times at the Bethesda Trailhead. But the counted traffic there was 23,000 uses a week, or just over 3000 a day. Imagine five times that traffic, all of it pedestrian traffic, at the Bethesda station platform and sidewalk. You can deal with it if you are a pedestrian, but cycling among that density of pedestrians will be irresponsible and impractical. Walk your bike signs will hardly be needed.
The surface route will only be about 400' longer. The cycletrack sections should be free of pedestrians. The wait at the light at Wisconsin Avenue is about 1/2 the two minutes you have estimated, and that is only if you catch it at the worst time.
Given all this, I think very few cyclists will prefer to use the tunnel route.

by Wayne Phyillaier on Dec 20, 2012 12:02 pm • linkreport

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