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Getting back to Silver Spring, no one has yet mentioned Takoma, Forest Glen or Wheaton, all places where CaBi is also targeted. Take a look at the bike "improvements" on Forest Glen Road as a good example for why MCDOT needs some serious help here. They have a full bike lane going in the downhill direction, and a NARROWED lane with sharrows going uphill where bikes need the most help.
Wheaton, I think, shows far more promise for CaBi than Silver Spring, because of it's semi-grid system, lack of railroad tracks splitting the CBD, and multipolar array of destinations. If safe ways can be found to cross the big 3 streets there, it could be a huge success. Takoma should be a breeze for CaBi, if only DC would also put stations nearby.
In Silver Spring - The US 29 parts of Colesville and Georgia are a no-go for bikes (sidewalks are okay though), let's just give up on those. Colesville past Discovery could easily have a 15th-Street style 2-way bike lane on the southbound side (parking now), and riders can also ride up the very wide sidewalks on Wayne & Coleville around Discovery. The other big weak link is 16th street - I tried to ride it once, it was terrible. There's tons of room to fix it though!
MCDOT could *easily* make all of these fixes, and they could do it relatively cheaply, I just don't have the faith that they will do it *well.*

by Joe in SS on Dec 21, 2012 9:38 pm • linkreport

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