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Interesting post but as a card-holding AAA member, I don't get the "don't support AAA..choose Better World Club" angle. Is there a way to have the discussion w/o railing against AAA? I doubt most members are much concerned about whether AAA supports red light cameras or bike lanes..outside of the beltway that is.
Why would a response to an article written by a lobbyist at AAA seek to avoid mentioning or "railing against" AAA? Mr. Anderson is signed on to this op-ed effort specifically because he is a lobbyist for AAA representing the position/views of auto owners.

I also doubt that most AAA members across the country know or care much about their lobbying efforts across the country, but there are some that do care, and for that it is worth educating people about alternatives.

I also think the constant harping, "only if they did xyx 50 years ago" and "only if I was born, I would've been smart enough to know xyx" as if people are soothsayers. People went from walking/horses to cars because it was the natural progression of things. Not because they were too incompetent or lacked forward-thinking principles.

Come on ya'll.

It's true that we moved to cars as a form of transportation because they were faster/newer/better. We also over the years have redesigned many elements of our cities to make auto travel as convenient as possible, to the detriment of our cities. There have been people criticizing the reorientation of cities towards the auto from the beginning; it's not a new phenomenon only looking backwards.

by MLD on Feb 14, 2013 4:12 pm • linkreport

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