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@Herb Caudill ,

You call a link to an agenda-based anti-AAA piece in an environmentalist blog a credible source?

I've been a member of AAA for nearly 30 years - in the NY-New Jersey area, Texas, Georgia, Florida, and in the DC region. In that time I have NEVER, I repeat NEVER seen or heard of anything from any unbiased source that says AAA has spoken out against speed limits or fines for running red lights.

Has AAA opposed unreasonably low speed limits, arbitrarily set be politicians and not as the result of studies by professionals - as is the case with many locations in DC?


Has AAA opposed speed limits that were reduced after speed cameras were deployed - as DC did on 395 and 295 (then later raised after protests)?


Has AAA opposed speed limits, per se?

HELL NO! But that's what your post says.

Regarding red light fines, has AAA opposed shortened yellow lights where red light cameras were deployed - as DC has done? And has AAA opposed high fines for infractions at said locations?

YES and YES.

Has AAA opposed fines for red light running in general?

HELL NO!. But that's what your post says.

As for its position on transit, AAA has spoken out against the use of gas taxes and road tolls for funding transit projects in protest mainly because they think it's unfair to road users to hijack that revenue to spend on transit while we're canceling new roads and deferring road maintenance. I happen to agree. AAA thinks transit users should pay a larger share of the cost of building and operating transit. I happen to agree.

As for opposing safety standards, and airbags, I beg to differ simply on the basis of logic. As the operator of an insurance company, it simply doesn't make sense for AAA to oppose potential loss risk mitigation instruments like safety standards and airbags.

I honestly can't speak on AAA's position regarding the Clean Air Act.

As for bike lanes, AAA has been quick to point out that many in DC were poorly planned and executed - as DDOT admitted in the case of the bike lanes on Pennsylvania Avenue. That's why they were reconfigured. Considering that putting a bike lane on L Street downtown has worsened the already-bad traffic congestion, I happen to agree.

You don't like AAA? Fine? You want your readers to stop supporting AAA? That's alright, too.

But be accurate in your assertions.

And take care with the sources you use to support your arguments. Blogs are a great place for people to tell the world about THEIR opinions, preferences, and priorities, but they are not reliable, credible references and they are ALWAYS biased.

One would think by now that people would realize that just because you "saw it on the Internet" doesn't make it true.

by ceefer66 on Feb 18, 2013 12:45 pm • linkreport

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