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While I agree with your point, I think there is a disconnect between your argument and the reason why people treat others without civility.

You are right, it is not the DMV worker's fault that the rules are stupid. However, seemingly, there is nobody responsible for that. And worse, while the DMV worker knows that the rules suck, he has no way to make them work. Yet, it is the DMV clark, and the citizen who have to work with the stupid rules.

This is the same problem that all customer representatives have. The people that make the rules are utterly insulated from customer interaction, and therefore never have to deal with the stupid, uncivil and impolite rules they make.

Is there an easy solution to this? Not really. However, it would help if rule makers, be it in industry or government, were forced to deal with the consequences of their policies once in a while. Few places do this. In fact, you can see how eye-opening this is on tv-shows like 'Undercover boss'. I believe Marriott forces/allows their management to work one week a year at the customer level. They are sent out to a random place, and have to check in customers, sit on the phone bank with customer, anything for a week. Needless to say, Marriott has pretty decent customer service (that you pay plenty for).

I guess the solution is that government officials should not just do site visits, where most of what they do is see how pretty a facility is, but do actual work.

Other than that, everybody should be civil.

by Jasper on Feb 19, 2013 10:23 am • linkreport

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