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Alex, I gleaned this (i.e., the friendliness of street cars vs. buses) from someone's previous posting on here a few months back. From what I recall, the main differences were (1) relative quiteness/non-poluting nature of electrified street cars vs. buses with engines on board that even when of a non-poluting nature, make noise when accelerating that street cars don't; and (2) because street cars are on defined tracks and additionally, their movements can be coordinated with traffic signals, they blend in better with other traffic because there are less 'surprises' such as when a bus driver has to pull out of a bus stop ... or make a decision of 'where' to cross the bike lane in making a turn. I didn't think of this ... but once that I read this, it made me understand why I as a motorist/pedestrian/biker much prefer to share the road with street car than with a bus. And as a homeowner who is often woken at 5 am by buses pulling out of a bus stop some 100 feet down the road, I can tell you I'd also prefer the relative quietness with which street cars operate.

P.S. Not that the authorities can't find a way to negate advances. We recently got new quieter buses in the District ... which should have been a plus ... BUT these new buses sport loud speakers on them announcing their ultimate destinations. Yes, this is a plus for the sight-impaired taking these buses, but the volume at which the loud speakers operate make them real noise polution to the neighbors near the stops ... especially at 5 in the morning.

by Lance on Oct 23, 2009 12:33 pm • linkreport

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