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Breakfast links: Smile or frown

Photo by Jay Tamboli on Flickr.
Smile for the camera: Metro plans to add security cameras to a small number of its rail cars, but could add cameras to all cars eventually. (Examiner)

DOES overpays: DOES was overpaying for job training for years, sometimes at twice the rate of Maryland and Virginia. Also, some contractors DOES worked with are in legal trouble for improper use of funds. (WAMU)

Bondi responds: Melissa Bondi, who Greater Greater Washington endorsed for Arlington County Board, has responded to charges raised about her past taxes and voting record. Arlington Democrats can vote tonight from 7-9 pm or on Saturday.

Mark Center traffic not yet bad: Traffic disruptions caused by the Mark Center have not been as dire as initially predicted, but not everyone has moved in yet. VDOT continues to work on upgrades, but in the meantime there is a cap of 2000 parking spots. (Post)

Have an extra room?: Some people are making extra money by renting out rooms, apartments, or houses for short times on services like Airbnb, but in DC strict rental laws require a business license, permits and more. (Urban Turf)

MWAA opening up a little: The Airports Authority will reform its bylaws to be more transparent, including posting meeting agendas and notices online, which it to date does not do. (Examiner) ... How about video of the meetings next?

Share the road in bright colors: An infographic by Arlington shows drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians how to coexist safely on the streets, not just in Arlington. (BikeArlington)

And...: Artomatic is back after a three year break. (DCist) ... A billionaire philanthropist donates $7.5 million to fix the earthquake-damaged Washington Monument. (Post) ... Microsoft could scare people away from traveling through less affluent areas. (TNAC)

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Steven Yates grew up in Indiana before moving to DC in 2002 to attend college at American University. He currently lives in Southwest DC.  


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On the Arlington street safety video. It should NOT show a biker riding in the "door zone" as an okay practice. Bikers should never ride in the "door zone" even if the bike lane puts them there (ride at the edge of the bike lane or in the road if necessary).

Trying to prevent "dooring" by educating drivers to look out for bikers isn't going to be nearly as effective as educating bikers not to ride in the door zone.

If Arlington wants to educate drivers about something, they should do a video explaining that bikers have a right to use up a lane on the road if needed for safety.

by Falls Church on Jan 19, 2012 9:31 am • linkreport

Falls Church -
Arlington's quarterly newsletter had a full color two page spread on safety for all modes of transportation. In this document, it mentioned that cyclists should ride on the outer edge of the bike lanes, away from the door zone.

In the same document it said that cyclists should ride in the center of sharrows, which I didn't think would be the best idea on some roads where I see them.

by ArlCoRes on Jan 19, 2012 10:05 am • linkreport

So... bikers shouldnt use bike lanes... got it.

Bikers not using bike lanes are part of the problem. Bikes are the first to preach "multi modal transportation" and how to make the transportation system more efficient for everyone... but what they really mean is get all the cars out of the way for all of the bikes.

by Anon on Jan 19, 2012 10:16 am • linkreport

Cyclists shouldn't do things that they feel threatens their safety. If that means they stick to the outer edge of the bike lane to avoid being doored then thats what they should do. We should then engineer bike lanes that don't require a cyclist to actually maneuver within a couple inches of space just to avoid people who aren't paying attention after they park their cars.

by Canaan on Jan 19, 2012 10:31 am • linkreport

I would be curious to know exactly (or close to exactly) how many people are actually renting out spare rooms and are thus affected by the DC rental laws. Not anecdotes about that friend of a friend, or Rahm Emmanuel, but real numbers.

Remember the Obama inauguration and the rumors of people renting out couches for thousands of dollars? Turns out it never happened.

by dcdriver on Jan 19, 2012 12:58 pm • linkreport

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