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Breakfast links: Not yet in the bag

Photo by eflon on Flickr.
Baker boosting bag fee: Prince George's delegates will hold off on a 2nd vote on the proposed bag fee so that County Executive Rushern Baker, who supports the fee, can talk with skittish members. (Washington Times)

College Park TOD gets friendlier: College Park has approved plans for new University of Maryland office buildings near College Park Metro and the Purple Line, but only if they become more pedestrian-friendly and include Capital Bikeshare stations. (Gazette)

Obama's Metro cut "ominous": Robert McCartney and area leaders criticize Obama's cut to Metro funds, saying it breaks a promise and will likely lead to bigger cuts from House Republicans. (Post)

What's not passing Congress: John Boehner postponed action on the House transpor­tation bill. (Huffington Post) ... The Senate transportation bill got "bogged down" by unrelated Republican amendments on Egypt, conctraception and more. (The Hill) ... The transit tax benefit didn't make it in to the payroll tax cut deal. (Transportation Nation)

Office cafeterias decline: Many federal buildings and law firms have cafeterias, but more and more workers are going elsewhere for better food at restaurants and food trucks. Cafeterias are better for private conversations, though. (City Paper)

NYPD knows little, does less: The NYPD's state of the art crime tracking systems don't tell it how many drivers were charged in nonfatal crashes. And they don't investigate serious but nonfatal crashes at all. NYC councilmembers weren't pleased. (Gothamist)

NYPD knows about bike tickets: While the NYPD doesn't investigate most bike crashes, officers are watching non-injured cyclists: They issued nearly 50,000 tickets to cyclists in 2011, almost double the number they issued to trucks. (Transportation Nation)

TOD Walmart lacks T or D: Charlotte promised a new Walmart would have good transit service and anchor TOD. Instead, lacking enough money, they got neither the transit nor the TOD. But money appears available to widen the nearby highway. (Atlantic Cities)

And...: Ladies, is wearing a bike helmet incompatible with your 'do? Here are some solutions! (goDCgo) ... Dr. Gridlock wishes the WMATA trip planner accounted for track work. ... Alexandria waterfront plans put on hold due to an appeal. (WAMU) ... Cleveland hires Charlize Theron to ride transit and boost its image. (The Onion; not really)

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Steven Yates grew up in Indiana before moving to DC in 2002 to attend college at American University. He currently lives in Southwest DC.  


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