Greater Greater Washington

Vantage points in the Flickr pool

Here are our favorite new images from the Greater and Lesser Washington Flickr pool, showcasing the best and worst of the Washington region.

Looking north - Dupont Circle. Photo by Kian McKellar.

Hense Church - southwest DC. Photo by ekelly80.

Rosslyn, looking toward Georgetown. Photo by robpegoraro.

Seaton Place NW (Bloomingdale). Photo by sylmellon.

Westbound Massachusetts Ave. - Dupont Circle. Photo by Kian McKellar.

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Aimee Custis is a policy wonk by training and an advocate by profession. In addition to serving as the managing editor of Greater Greater Washington, by day Aimee manages communications at the Coalition for Smarter Growth. Also a photographer, she photoblogs at


Westbound Mass and West Dupont Circle - the most widely flouted prohibited left turn in DC. And often those left turns into the circle come from the RIGHT lane.

BTW, why does the traffic on the right half of the north end of Dupont Circle seem to get so much less green light time than the left half?

by Boomer on Feb 1, 2013 4:28 pm • linkreport

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