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Breakfast links: Time for improvement

Photo by Mike Licht on Flickr
Federal aid after Sandy: WMATA plans to review potential system improvements to protect against severe weather after the Federal Transit Administration announced $3 billion in aid for transit projects in areas hit by Hurricane Sandy. (DCist, WAMU)

Kidnapping, robbery on Metro: A metro rider was kidnapped at gunpoint at the Naylor Road Metro Station and forced to withdraw money from ATMs near the Waterfront station. The kidnapper, who took Metro back to the Naylor Road station after releasing the victim, veiled the gun under his bright orange sweatshirt. (DCist, MyFoxDC)

Is the USA that dangerous for bicycling?: Many people consider bicycling in the US to be exceptionally dangerous, especially when compared to other developed countries. A new study may confirm that inglorious distinction. (Atlantic Cities)

A greener L'Enfant Plaza: A plan to turn 10th Street SW and Maryland Avenue into a mixed-use sustainable community may include the addition of hundreds of trees that could make L'Enfant Plaza into a lush green space. (DCist, Jared Green)

Controlling the area around Quantico: Quantico base officials want more input over nearby development, which could prohibit buildings like hospitals, day cares, and medium to high density residential developments from being built near the base. (Potomac Local)

White Flint plans move forward: A judge's ruling allows White Flint Mall redevelopment to continue after retailer Lord & Taylor's petitioned the court to delay redevelopment until after 2055. The site will be transformed into an open-air town center, a trend which highlights the possible death throes of indoor malls. (WTOP, Post)

Terrorism slogan not catching on: A new poll shows that most Americans are not familiar with the phrase "See Something, Say Something." The slogan has greater recognition in the East but much less in the South and West. (Gallup, DCist)

And: Senator Rand Paul airs grievance about DC parking. (City Paper) Ö In its second year, Montgomery County's bag tax has created millions in tax revenue. (Gazette) Ö A Holiday SoberRide program launches in DC to discourage drunk driving. (Patch) Ö A look at all the pitfalls in the DC United stadium deal (WBJ)

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Chad Maddox grew up in Atlanta, Georgia where living a car-free lifestyle is almost impossible. In 2010, he moved to the Washington area and currently lives in the vibrant DC neighborhood of NoMa.  


Not that it matters, but I am kind of happy the meter men got to Rand Paul. Happy Holidays!

by h st ll on Dec 24, 2013 10:11 am • linkreport

'A new poll shows that most Americans are not familiar with the phrase "See Something, Say Something."'

by ImThat1Guy on Dec 24, 2013 10:23 am • linkreport

I wish the bag tax story had included some information on if and by how much bag usage had dropped.

by David C on Dec 24, 2013 11:51 am • linkreport

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