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What's your chance of getting a CaBi bike or an open station?

The latest neat mashup using Capital Bikeshare data tells you how often a station has a bike or a free dock available:

Hackers from Code for DC created this tool using publicly available data on CaBi availability.

As you might expect, it becomes hard to get a bike at stations in residential areas outside the core toward the end of rush hour, and hard to get a dock downtown at the same time. The pattern reverses itself in the evening.

It looks like some of the data might need cleanup in some way. For example, the station at Pennsylvania Avenue and Branch Avenue SE, in Ward 7, is almost always red (unavailable) but lime green if you select just "summer." I suspect that means the station was just offline for a while during this period.

At the edges of the system, like in Alexandria, there are always bikes and docks.

What do you notice?

David Alpert is the founder of Greater Greater Washington and its board president. He worked as a Product Manager for Google for six years and has lived in the Boston, San Francisco, and New York metro areas in addition to Washington, DC. He now lives with his wife and two children in Dupont Circle. 


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Neat. But I think there is at least one station missing. There's one at Independence and 3rd SE, for example. It's a new station though -- what vintage are these data from?

by JR on Jun 3, 2014 12:34 pm • linkreport

The station at Florida and 10th/Barry Pl is missing as well. But very helpful nevertheless!

by 7r3y3r on Jun 3, 2014 12:37 pm • linkreport

From the intro screen: "Using historical data from October 2010 to September 2013"

So that leaves off 57 current stations (mostly Montgomery County but also smattering of DC and Arlington stations)

by Corey H. on Jun 3, 2014 12:57 pm • linkreport

I was an early adopter of Capital Bikeshare and it was great for the first few months. But the system quickly became overwhelmed by its own success. The fact that the Dupont-Logan area hasn't had a single new station since the big roll-out wave in December 2012 is just ridiculous.

In the end, I was paying for a system that I wasn't able to use more than half the time I wanted to; I let my membership lapse in October.

by Adam L on Jun 3, 2014 1:19 pm • linkreport

I've never used Capital Bikeshare to commute and right now it wouldn't even really work since I'm walking distance to Metro. BUT it is awesome on the weekends when transit service is dismal at times. I can get just about anywhere I need to go in <20 minutes. I really hope they do try to densify stations once the whole Bixi faisco is resolved. It kinda erodes into time savings when you have to walk more than 4 blocks to/from a bikeshare station.

by BTA on Jun 3, 2014 1:31 pm • linkreport

Neat tool!

The station at 15th and Euclid is one of the first to go red, and it stays that way all day. Hopefully the new station at 14th and Clifton (not on this map) helps soak up some of that demand. Still, it'd be good to add more docks at 15th and Euclid, or add another station nearby -- like near 17th and Kalorama, near the Harris Teeter and new housing developments.

by Gavin on Jun 3, 2014 2:54 pm • linkreport

Great tool. DC is continuing to impress in its ability to code.
The Langdon Park station in NE is missing as well, although not a high traffic station it's important that this information is captured for stations on the periphery as it can become a justification for additional stations in NE DC.
Thanks again!

by idubbs on Jun 4, 2014 1:20 pm • linkreport

With all of the new development and significant demographic shifts (such as new young households) in Brookland/Michigan Park, the Michigan Park Citizens Association is seeking two new bikeshare stations. The DDOT rep provided a solid overview at our MPCA meeting last night; any insights and lessons learned from those who have succeeded in securing stations would be appreciated!

by Tom in Michigan Park on Jun 4, 2014 3:02 pm • linkreport

This shows to me that they got a lot better at rebalancing last year on the fringes (but still need to work on the core) When it started, the station at the 'end of the line' at George Mason and Wilson on the Bluemont trail was always empty by mid morning dock blocked by early in the afternoon, requiring an extra jaunt (or backtrack) to the station near Marymount's Blue Goose. That station is solid green on this map.

by Kolohe on Jun 5, 2014 3:40 pm • linkreport

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