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Weekend video: World's biggest bike share

Capital Bikeshare is the largest bike sharing system in the United States, but do you know where the world's largest is? Paris, with 20,600 bikes?

Nope; it's in Hangzhou, China, and this Streetfilm shows how the Chinese are using its 51,500 bikes to take 240,000 trips a day.

Hangzhou is smaller than New York City, so a 50,000 bike sharing system would be a good and entirely achievable goal for New York. Meanwhile, Hangzhou is striving to grow to 175,000 bikes by 2020.


China proposes car-straddling buses (or are they trains?)

Many, many people have sent in tips about this project in China to build huge buses the width of two car lanes, which can run on guideways straddling the road and travel above the cars:

But wouldn't it be easier just to dedicate a bus lane? Via the Huffington Post.

Update: Several commenters have also pointed out that, despite the Huffington Post headline, since this will run on rails it's really a train, not a bus.

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